• The Principle Of Operation Of The Slot Machine

      • The Principle Of Operation Of The Slot Machine


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        Slot machines draw a large number of gamblers into their nets. And after a lot of silly losses, a gambler begins to ponder on how to slots spiele and beat a slot. Be that as it may, the "one-armed bandit" is a machine, and you need to be able to find the right approach to any technique. Then, you can study all possible strategies for playing with some types of machines.

        In order to find out how to beat a slot machine, you need to familiarize yourself with the principle and features of its operation. In theory, it seems that everything is extremely simple: you select a bet, press a key and wait for a successful combination. But in reality, luck has nothing to do with it. The whole process of the game is run by a tiny microprocessor, which decides whether to make you happy with a win or leave you penniless.

        Factors analyzed by the slot machine:

        • The balance of the machine at the time of the game. That is, the greater the difference between deposit and payment is, the more likely it is to hit the jackpot.
        • Current bet size. It is set directly by the player, and the size of the win directly depends on it.
        • Actual bet amount. It is set by the machine itself based on simple mathematical calculations. To find the actual bet size, you need to divide the current bet by the selected number of lines. Therefore, if one payline is selected, then the actual size of the bet is equal to the size of the current one.
        • The percentage of return on the slot machine. This is probably the most important factor in how you beat a slot machine. The return percentage is the percentage of the vending machine payout to its deposit. It is installed either by the casino employees, or it is initially put into the machine software. Most often, the percentage of return is between 70-90%.

        After analyzing all the above factors, the microprocessor of the slot machine performs the following actions:

        • Determines the combinations of the layout of symbols, based on the percentage of return of the machine and its current balance.
        • Determines the maximum win rate.
        • Processes the request for redemption of funds and makes changes to the current balance.

        Factors Affecting The Size Of The Win

        The essence of the slot machine is to bring profit to the casino owners. Therefore, the slot machine has no right to mindlessly distribute winnings. The amount of the allowable payout amount depends on several factors. Therefore, in order to learn how to slots spiele and beat slot machines in a casino, you need to read them carefully. Factors affecting the size of a slot machine win are:

        • The main factor influencing the size of the winning of a slot machine is the level of the lower limit of the payout percentage. It is established by the current legislation of the country in which the gambling establishment operates. As a rule, it is at least 70%.
        • Casino reputation. It's no secret that you can rig the settings of a one-armed bandit and reduce the percentage of return. Reputable and large institutions are not engaged in such machinations, since it will not be difficult for inspection bodies to compare the real and declared percentage of return. And the losses from the suspension of the casino will be much greater than the income from the rigged machines.
        • Slot machine software. Producers such as Microgaming, 1x2 Gaming allow casino owners to independently set the payout percentage of a slot machine. And, for example, the programmers of the Playtech company do not give casino employees such an opportunity. The size of the return in the machines of this company cannot be rigged by interfering with their software.

        Random Number Generator In A Slot Machine

        The creation of different combinations of symbols in the slot machine depends on the random number generator. Thinking about how to beat a slot machine, you should not try to calculate these combinations using the theory of probability. In practice, the "one-armed bandit" operates on a different principle.

        The generation of values ​​in a slot machine is called pseudo-random, that is, the machine knows what combination to give you, even before you press any of the keys. It makes a decision based on the above factors that affect the operation of the slot machine. Laying cards, spinning the reels, trying to guess the big card - all this creates only the illusion of human participation in the game process. In fact, everything is predetermined without your participation.

        Useful Tips For Beginner Players

        If you still don't know how to win at slot machines, use a few simple tips for playing. Sometimes novice players make very stupid mistakes when dealing with some "one-armed bandit", so use the following guidelines to save your time and money:

        • Choose a reputable and trusted casino. No matter how trite it may sound, but often people lose money themselves in scamming gambling clubs and at the same time sin on luck or fortune. In order not to mourn the lost stash, choose a casino that has a long history on the market and is officially registered with the tax authorities.
        • Start the game with a demo mode. If you figured out how the machine works and everything suits you, then switch to real money amounts.
        • Allocate a specific amount that you are willing to lose. Before going to the casino, decide on your financial capabilities. The money that you spend should not be a pity, so that there is no desire to win back. When you have decided on the size of the bank, play on exactly this amount and not a penny more.
        • Start with small bets. If your pot is small, then choose the slot machine with the lowest minimum bet.
        • Control your emotions. Playing slot machines provokes the production of endorphins in the human body. "Hormones of happiness" can cloud the mind of the player, which leads to gambling addiction. If you notice that your bets have begun to grow very quickly, and the bank amount has long been exceeded, then you need to stop in time.
        • Pause between games. In order not to get excited, take a short break every 15-20 minutes. This will make it easier for you to control yourself and your emotions.
        • Don't trust rumors about the principles of slot machines. There are a huge number of "professionals" who will tell you how to win at slot machines. You should not blindly trust everyone you meet. Let's say that the myth of "cold" and "hot" machines is not confirmed by anyone. The fact that it takes a long time to harass the machine to get a win is fundamentally wrong. Absolutely all slot machines work on the basis of a huge amount of mathematical calculations, so you can get a win both in the first seconds of the game, and after several hours of playing.

        Based on all of the above, the conclusion suggests itself. If you decide to spend your leisure time playing various slot machines, you should not rely only on your luck. Having learned how to play slot machines correctly, you will increase your chances of a successful game outcome in several times.

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